Service & Warranty Rule

UPS Service and Warranty Rules

Provide services in maintenance word after warranty period for UPS.

PM Service Term & Condition

1. Maintenance Engineer from I.E.M Company Limited will visit according to the contract and the customer will be provided necessary materials and other outsourcing services. We will provide our service record to your company within 10 days after we make done.

2. Major repairing is not includes.(Remark : We will charge for the service which is out of above our scope of works.)

3. We, I.E.M Company Limited will also stand by for every emergency call within office hours. (from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ).

(Remark : Our office hours are Monday to Saturday within 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and we will charge for the service for the out of office hours & Gazette Holidays.)

4. The authorized person from your company have to sign at our maintenance report for every emergency call or regular visit.

5. The customer have to follow to our instruction to maintain the UPS daily. If your site fail to follow our instruction or fail to other damaged for other cause, all are not responsible by I.E.M Company Limited.


Scope of work for UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) 

- Record ambient temperature.
- Clean external part of UPS unit.
- Download UPS Settings, event log and actual measurements.
- Measure with multi - meter or oscilloscope in and out voltages, frequencies and currents.
- Measure and record battery system charging voltage and current.
- Perform calibration of parameters where required (i.e. voltages, currents).
- Execute UPS power down procedure.
- Verify zero energy conditions.
- Removal of protections and side walls.
- Visual inspection for evidence of component damage or overheating.
- General cleaning and removal of accumulated dust.
- Check cable connections between electronic boards.
- Inspect boards and wiring for heat damage.
- Verify proper tightness of power cablings.
- Replace defective parts (Customer have to pay for new parts).
- Replace batteries (Customer have to pay for new batteries).
- Check the tightness of all battery connections.
- Measure and record each individual battery block voltage.
- Check leaking, oxidation on poles, physical battery damages.

UPS Service