Lifespace Switch & Socket

Schneider Sockets


- Vivace is a slim, trim profile, pleasing to the eye, clean and refined. - Vivace is a switch and socket set that perfectly complements modern lifestyle.
- Unmarred by visible fastenings, the sleek clean lines of Vivace present a cool refined touch of style to almost any interior.
- Clean, geometrically balanced design.
- Modular design and flexible combination.
- Thin: 8mm slim at the thickest point.
- 16 AX Switches: handle additional loading and enable wider application.


- The AvatarOn soft LED locators merges seamlessly with its sleek giant dolly, creating a stylish and streamlined design. Unobtrusive in daytime, the fluorescent LED locators glow with a soft luminescent in the dark, indicating the exact location of each switch at night. Combined with its outstanding performance, reliability, lifespan and energy saving features, the subtle glow of AvatarOn switches beautifully blends practical aesthetics with leading-edge design.

- AvatarOn switches are available in an array of replaceable covers for full customisation and integration into any home decor.


- Seamless, some interior design concepts need switches to be as invisible as possible.
- Full-flat switches that could satisfy this need have been limited to luxurious electronic switches and lighting control systems.
- The revolutionary Full-Flat switch for instanding people.
- Award-winning switch range.
- Slim Full-Flat form factor enabled by patented mechanism of "impress".
- Patented “Ondicator" to indicate ON/OFF status without the need to use protruding dollies or small Neon lamps.
- Available in White, Silver Bronze, Silver Satin and Silver White colors.


- Pushing the boundaries of switch design by maximizing the jumbo dolly with slim edges.
- Pieno maintains an overall slim profile, despite the jumbo dolly, thanks to the innovative SS Mechanism and patented PerfectFace® Switch Architecture.
- High-end European aesthetics with distinctive jumbo dolly.
- SS Mechanism and patented PerfectFace® Switch Architecture for improved installation efficiency, durability and aesthetic value.
- Available in White and Lavender Silver color.


- Originally created as a control terminal for home control system.
- This hugely popular award-winning series is now redefining wall decoration with a superb full range of switches and sockets. - Forward thinking design for forward thinking people.
- NEO has distinctive horizontal operation design.
- Award-winning switch range.
- Distinctive horizontal operation design.
- Futuristic styling, LED locator and indicator


- The conventional approach to achieve waterproof protection is to add a waterproof cover that closes over an electricity point and keeps it dry.
- But typically these covers don’t offer full-time protection.
- They must be opened to access the switch or socket.
– the protection is gone when you need it most.



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