Power Factor Controllers

Varlogic Series RT6, NR6/ NR12, NRC12


Varlogic RT6/ 8*/ 12*

Varlogic NR6/ 12

Varlogic NRC12

The Varlogic controllers permanently measure the reactive power of the installation and control connection and disconnection of capacitor steps in order to obtain the required power factor.



- Permanent monitoring of the network and equipment.
- Infomation provided about equpment status.
- Alarm sinbals transmitted in case of anomaly(for NR6, NR12, NRC12)
- Communication by Modbus protocol(for NRC12).
- New control alogritm designes to designed to reduce the number of switching operations and quickly attain the power factor.



- Simplified programming and possible of intelligent self-up.
- Ergonimic layout of controller buttons.
- Quick and simple mounting and wiring.
- A special menu allows controller self self-configuration.


Monitoring and protection

- Should an anomaly occur on the network or the capacity bank, alarm are indicated on the screen and alarm contact closure is inticted.
- The alarm message is maintained on the screen once the fault clear util os manually removed.
-If necessary the capacity steps are automatically disconnected to protect the equipment.