inform Automatic Voltage Regular(AVR)

AVR Series

AVR Series
Single Phase (2-30 kVA)
Three Phase (6-1000kAV)

- Servo Motor Controlled Technology.
- Fast Response for Fluctuations.
- Reliable Stabilization for Secure Energy.
- High efficiency in each model.
- Short circuit protection.
- Ability to work with non-linear loads.
- Manual Bypass Switch.
- Wide input voltage range version ( optional ).
- Output Isolation Transformer. ( optional )
- Digital Display option available.
- Higher IP applications are available.
- Phase Independent Voltage Regulation for Three Phase.


- Inform AVR is used with any computer system, fax and photocopy machines, industrial, medical, laboratory, office appliances and household for secure energy.
- The booster transformer and sensitive variac do the voltage regulation.
- Servo system is based on the control of DC motor by thyristor.

Options(available for all power range)

- Digital Display
- Breaker Module (provides phase missing and low/high voltage protection)
- Wide Voltage Range Model available