Copper Solution - Digilink

                                            Usability and Reliability for Everyone

- Rivers are known as the cradle of civilization because they provided a steady supply of water and natural resources.
- Rivers also brought trade and allowed travel to share stories and knowledge.
- Digilink makes the better river. It is the structured cabling solution that brings reliability and usability for everyone.
- Digilink products are UL and ETL verified for safety, performance and quality assured for a reliable data network.



FIRM – Patent-pending Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) design of the CrocJaw Clamp grips the copper wires firmly to maintain high connection quality.
LIGHT – Super light aluminum fiber patch panel and enclosure for faster and easier installation, maintenance and set up.
SLIM – Half-U design patch panel to save space in rack for easy expansion with little disruption to existing setup.
FAST– “OctaPunch” termination tool can terminate 8 wires and slices off surplus wires in one stroke for higher installation efficiency.



Commercial and residential applications