ATS - ATyS range

Socomec Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) / Remotely operated Transfer Switching Equipment




-ATyS r  is 3 or 4 pole remotely operated motorised transfer switches with positive break indication.

-They enable the on-load transfer of two three-phase power supplies via remote volt-free contacts, from either an external automatic controller, using pulse logic, or a switch.

-They are intended for use in low voltage power systems where interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.


Capacity: From 125A ~ 3200A


Socomec Manual Transfer Switching Equipment


-SIRCOVER products are manually operated transfer switches with positive break indication.

-There are 4 ranges in the series:

SIRCOVER for open transition switching (I-0-II) available in 3 or 4 pole.

SIRCOVER for overlapping contact switching (I-I+II-II). For applications where both sources are synchronised and there is to be no interruption to the load supply during transfer- available in 3 or 4 pole.


Capacity:  From 125A ~3200A

Multifunction Meter Diris A20

Socomec Multifunction Meter Diris A20 


DIRIS A-20 units are performance metering and monitoring devices that provide the user with all of the measurements needed to complete enerfy efficient project successfully and to provide assured monitoring of electrical distribution.
All of this information can be used and analysed remotely with the help of energy efficiency software programs.

Digital Panel Meter Multis L50

Socomec Digital Panel Meter Multis L50 



The MULTIS L50 is a panel mounted digital meter displaying multi-measurement and energy values directly on its large backlit LCD display. It is designed for utilization on three-phase or single-phase network with connection via CT and is suitable for applications of up to 6000A. The product can be configured by the user via the keypad and the display.

RS485 Communication Module

RS485 Communication Module


Product Range: DIRIS A-20 Accessories

Long Description: RS485 Communication Module for DIRIS A-20

Communication Ports: RS485 output

Communication Protocols: Modbus RTU


GT Series UPS

With the GE Digital Energy's GT Series, your mission-critical equipment is protected from any core activities.

The GT Series is a true VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independer) on-line double conversion, transformerless, intelligent and high performance instaballable UPS.

EP Series UPS

The EP Series UPS is a true VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independent) on line double conversion, intelligent, cost effective.

High performance UPS is designed to suit a wide range of IT networking, telecom and control application.

The EP Series UPS is microprocess controlled and equipped with RS232 and USB as standard and optional SNMP interfacing capability to provide monitoring and management.

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