-Extruded Aluminium-Alloy Housing
–Excrllent Heat Diddipation
-Corrosion Resistant, Compact Sandwich Type
-Light Weight and Easy Installation
-Maintenance free

Falcon Sine Wave HUPS

-Double Bolt Joint Design originates from Furukawa Japan.
–Tightness Indication of Leaf Spring & Snap-Pin-Hole
-Maintanance Free
-100% contact surface of overlapping conductor with sufficient pressure.
-Compact Sandwich Type

GT Series UPS

With the GE Digital Energy's GT Series, your mission-critical equipment is protected from any core activities.

The GT Series is a true VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independer) on-line double conversion, transformerless, intelligent and high performance instaballable UPS.

EP Series UPS

The EP Series UPS is a true VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independent) on line double conversion, intelligent, cost effective.

High performance UPS is designed to suit a wide range of IT networking, telecom and control application.

The EP Series UPS is microprocess controlled and equipped with RS232 and USB as standard and optional SNMP interfacing capability to provide monitoring and management.