Key Features

     This double-bolt joint design system ensures a sufficient electrical contact area and good mechanical strength. Its high tensile clamping bolts in duct-duct jointing do not penetrate through the conductors. A spring steel material named as lead spring that is wider than the conductors, is used to ensure a sufficient pressure on conductor contact area. This clamped joint having benefitted from a decade-long Japanese Technology generates less heat at busduct joint as compare to bolted joint system, which necessitate the drilling or punching of holes through the conductors with the bolt holes causing distortion to the lines of current flow. This clamped joint with leaf springs also has a more even contact pressure than the one using bolt-through joint.


-Extruded Aluminium-Alloy Housing
–Excrllent Heat Diddipation
-Corrosion Resistant, Compact Sandwich Type
-Light Weight and Easy Installation
-Maintenance free

Falcon Sine Wave HUPS

-Double Bolt Joint Design originates from Furukawa Japan.
–Tightness Indication of Leaf Spring & Snap-Pin-Hole
-Maintanance Free
-100% contact surface of overlapping conductor with sufficient pressure.
-Compact Sandwich Type

Design Standards

Furutec busduct system is designed and manufactured in accordance to the following international standards :

IEC 61439-6 Particular Requirement for Busbar Trunking System(Busway)
IEC 61439-1 low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies-Check More
IEC 60529:2001 Degree of Ingress Protection

Double-bolt Joint

The Japanese technology ensures maximum contact surface of the conductor.

Consistent Pressure

The clamped joint ensures that the overlapping conductor receives sufficient and even pressure.

Tightness Indication

The snap pin ensures optimum tightness of each busduct joint.


-Double bolt joint and snap pin design is the reliable maintenance-free feature.